Thumbelina: A Little Musical

Thumbelina: A Little Musical

American Repertory Theater, December 2019

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Julia Riew

Thumbelina: A Little Musical – a new musical with book, music, and lyrics by Julia Riew – is an adaptation of the beloved story by Hans Christian Andersen of a courageous girl who forges her path, embraces her differences and finds her place. Determined to meet someone her own size, 3-inch tall Thumbelina steps outside her garden walls for the first time and embarks on a great adventure with Julian, prince of the fairies. Little does she know, she’s about to discover a world of danger, secrets, surprises, and friendship.

Scroll down to hear demos and see production photos!

Thumbelina in the News:

Harvard Gazette: ‘Thumbelina’ carries big message to the stage

Boston Globe: Musical-composing Harvard student tries ‘Thumbelina’ on for size

Watch and Listen

Lyric video by the American Repertory Theater of “Small” from Thumbelina: A Little Musical by Julia Riew
Kids’ reaction to Thumbelina!

Full Soundtrack Of Demos on Soundcloud

Production Photos

Photo of audience members by Lauren Miller
Thumbelina (Janiah Lockett) and Blue (Elaine Kim), Photo by Lauren Miller
Thumbelina (Janiah Lockett) with audience members, Photo by Lauren Miller
Cast (Jonathan Castillo, Rachel Share-Sapolsky, Elaine Kim, Janiah Lockett, Laura Frustaci, Sophie Bauder, Genevieve Lefevre), Photo by Lauren Miller

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