Book, Music, and Lyrics by Julia Riew

“Dive,” (previously known as Shimcheong: A Folktale) is a musical inspired by the Korean folk-tale 심청전 about a brave young woman who will do anything it takes to return home. 

This musical is currently in development! Stay tuned for updates soon.


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NBC News: Why one Harvard student created the first Korean Disney princess

NPR: Harvard student creates Disney-inspired, Korean princess musical on TikTok

Boston Globe: There’s no Korean Disney princess. So a Harvard student created her own.

CNN: A TikTok user wrote an entire musical for her Disney-style Korean princess. Now it’s going viral

Today.com: There wasn’t a Korean Disney princess, so this Harvard student created one

Refinery29: She Created Her Own Korean Disney Princess Musical & This Needs To Happen ASAP

Next Shark: Harvard student’s ‘Korean Disney princess’ goes viral — and film producers want in

Wbur: TikTok fans embrace the soaring song of a Disney-inspired Korean American princess

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Performed by Raymond J Lee and Julia Riew
“I’m Coming Home” from a previous draft of The Blind Man’s Daughter | Illustrations by Peach Sahasakul | Voiceover by Claire Kwon

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