“Dive,” (previously known as Shimcheong: A Folktale) is a musical inspired by the Korean folk-tale 심청전 about a brave young woman who will do anything it takes to return home. 

I’m so excited to share that the American Repertory Theater has commissioned “Dive” for development–I’ll be working with director Diane Paulus and playwright Diana Son to bring this musical to the stage!!! Stay tuned for more updates and follow our journey on TikTok and IG @juliariew 🙂


News + Media

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Listen + Watch

The TikTok that started it all!
Performed by Raymond J Lee and Julia Riew
“I’m Coming Home” from a previous draft of The Blind Man’s Daughter | Illustrations by Peach Sahasakul | Voiceover by Claire Kwon

Fan Art Favorites

Poster by @mjtotoro (MiJin) on Instagram
By Victoria Phan @vadooodles on Instagram

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